Exercise 3

(a)    describe the multimedia elements:

  • text,

  • graphics,

  • animation,

  • audio,

  • video;

(b)   explain the text attribute,

  • typeface,

  • size,

  • style, and

  • colour of font;

(c)  distinguish between the types of graphics: vector and bitmap

(c)    explain the standard format of graphics files and specific use for each format,

  • bmp,

  • gif,

  • tif,

  • jpeg,

(d)   explain the concept of animation;

(e)    explain audio in term of type

  • (MIDI,digital),

  • sampling (Hz, dB, bit sample, mono, and stereo),

  • file standard format (au, wav, and mp3 );

(f)    explain the analog video standard (NTSC, PAL, SECAM ), and the standard format of digital video recording (avi, mpeg,  mov,);

(h)  explain the basic principle of a multimedia page layout which is suitable for presentation, web, and CD applications;


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