Exercise 2

Multimedia Technology

3.2.1 Multimedia hardware

3.2.2 Multimedia software

(a) explain the multimedia computer hardware and the function of each hardware;

(b) Explain the use of multimedia software,

a. programing languages (eg Visual Basic and C++),

b. authoring tools (eg Macromedia Director and Authorware

c. software editors for graphic,  audio, Video, and animation).

Exercise 1

Multimedia Evolution

3.1.1 Multimedia applications

3.1.2 Multimedia impact

(a)  explain the meaning and importance of multimedia; (STPM 2003)

(b) discuss multimedia application in certain areas,

· business,

· administration ,

· entertainment,

· education and virtual reality,

by giving relevant examples;

(c)  describe the current development and future trends of multimedia;

(d)  Discuss the impact of multimedia on society.


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