STPM 2004


Explain the meaning of data integrity by giving one example. [3 Marks ]

State the aim o f the analysis phase and the activities that are involved in this phase. [4 Marks]

A feasibility study is one of the activities in the planning phase. What is meant by feasibility study? Explain three aspects of feasibility. [5 Marks]

In a worker’s database system there exits a set of relationships between the staff entity set and the dependents entity set. The dependents entity set represents the wife/husband and children of a member of the staff.

(a) State the meaning of a strong entity set and a weak entity set. [2 Marks]
(b) Identify the strong entity and the weak entity. [1 Marks]
(c) Draw the entity relationship(E-R) diagram for the above relationship. [3Marks]

Business and organization activities can be implemented efficiently, quickly and effectively by using database management system.
(a) Name four database management software that are available in the market. [2 Marks]
(b) Explain three advantages of a database system. [6 Marks]

The database system of a secondary school library has three relational tables namely BOOK, MEMBER and LOAN. There is only one copy of a book for each title. Every school student who wishes to become a library member will be given a membership identification number. The transaction of the loan and return of books will be recorded in the LOAN table. Every member is allowed to borrow more than one book and the duration of loan is not more than 14 days. Late book returns will be fined 10 sen per day. The following are the contents of the BOOK ,MEMBER and LOAN tables.

(a) State the primary key for the BOOK, MEMBER and LOAN relationships. hence, draw the entity relationship (E-R) diagram for the above database.

(b) Write an SQL expression that will produce the following printout


An Information system is a set of procedures to collect, process, store and distribute information in the decision making, control and analysis of an organisation. Explain each of the following types of information system and their applications

(a) Expert system
(b) Decision Support System
(c) Management Information System
(d) Transaction Processing System


The implementation phase is a planned and organised transformation process from the old system to the new system. Explain the steps involved in this phase. (14 marks)


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